Violet Flower Elixer

Floral Elixir Co. started from an idea to create cocktails and sodas from flowers in 2009 after Nora Egger’s return to the US after working in Europe for a decade. Originally from Austria, Nora has spent her life living between Europe and the US, traveling extensively and becoming fascinated in the role flowers played in drink and food cultures. Floral Elixir Co’s all natural ‘Elixirs’ are more potent than regular drink syrups and use less pure cane sugar, made from real flowers and botanicals, and have a delicate sweet/citrus balance which lends for perfect cocktail and soda enjoyment. Each bottle is crafted by hand in 10 gallon batches to assure the highest quality control, as the flowers, botanicals, and plant-based colors are all highly delicate.

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